Thursday, 17 October 2019

weekly news 17th October

We were very excited on Monday when we met our class bears for the first time ! Bertie Bear is Hedgehog's class toy and Cyril Squirrel is Squirrel's class toy. In our Letters and Sounds session we found out that our class bears like to play a game in which we all have to use 'Robot talk' ! We have to stretch out the sounds in each word and move our arms like robots. This game helps us to segment words and will be a very useful skill to enable us to spell and write words when we learn the phonic sounds. We helped our bears to get dressed by saying each item of clothing in 'Robot' talk eg  's  o  c k s'    and    'h  a  t'. 
Each child will have a turn to take their class bear home to stay for a week and we would love it if you could write about their adventures in the diary which will come home with the bears. If you could upload any photographs of your child's week with the bear on Tapestry that would be fantastic because then your child can show the photographs on our big screens so all their class can see what fun they had.
On Monday afternoon we were very happy to see some of our Pre school leaders who came for our tea party. We showed them around the base and then we enjoyed listening to the story they had brought whilst we shared the chocolate krispie cakes we had made.

In Maths we have been continuing to learn all about numbers and we have been focussing on 4, 5 and 6. The children are getting brilliant at remembering the little rhymes which help them to form the numerals correctly. Hopefully you can reinforce this learning at home by using the sheet of rhymes which we sent home last week.
This week we have been learning a new creative skill by using Modroc to cover a flowerpot. Modroc is like plaster of Paris and the children have dipped the strips of Modroc into water, squeezed them out and then wrapped them around their pot. It's quite a messy activity ! After half term the children will be decorating their pot ready to plant a bulb in during our 'Come and play' sessions on Monday 4th and Thursday 7th November from 2pm. Your child will be bringing home an invitation to invite you to one of these sessions.
In November we will be starting 'Show and tell' all about our class animal. Your child will bring home a picture to decorate and a speech bubble in which we would like you to help them to write a fact about their class animal. Each house group will have a different date to show their Hedgehog or Squirrel home learning.
Thank you very much to all the parents who have been uploading all the super learning that their child has been doing at home. These observations are great to see !

We hope that you all have a lovely half term break.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Weekly news Thursday 10th October

We have had a lovely week in reception and the children have really enjoyed exploring the woodland area outside. They have loved cooking in the mud kitchen and have been making some super comments about the textures of the meals they have created. They have also enjoyed the loose parts in our outdoor construction area.  

 In letters and sounds we have been learning about Alliteration. We played two games, one called ‘Bertha the bus where the bus travels around a zoo mat and see which animals begin with the same sound. The other was ‘Musical Corners’ where there are 4 baskets with a different letter in each one. The children practiced putting objects into the basket beginning with the same sound. In Maths this week we have been learning about the story of numbers 1, 2 and 3. Each day we focussed on a different number and learnt how the number is formed, how to count that number of items and how we write the number. We also used the numicon, a number line and dice to see how the number can be represented.  

We had a great time on our Autumn number walk around the village on Thursday. We spotted lots of numbers on cars, road signs, house numbers and shop signs. We also enjoyed looking for signs of autumn on our spotter sheets as we walked back across the commonThank you to all of the parents who came to help and we hope you enjoyed it too! 

We have now finished reading Grendel and have retold the story using a story map. On Friday we will have a discussion about chocolate and what it tastes like. We will discuss how we could melt it and then we will be making some chocolate rice krispie cakes. The children are making one to take home and one for our Pre- School leaders tea party which we are hosting on Monday. The children are very excited that their pre-school leaders will be coming in to see them. If your child is part time but would like to come to see their pre-school leaders, they can come back at 2 o’clock on Monday afternoon to join us. 

We would like to thank you for coming to our Reception information meeting on Wednesday. We hope you found this useful and it has helped you to understand how to help support your child with their learning at home. If you were unable to make it, your child should have brought home a pack with the slides from our PowerPoint as well as some information about Maths and letter formation. Do come and chat tus if there is anything else you would like to know. 

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

weekly news 3rd October

This week we have started our 'Letters and Sounds' and 'Maths' sessions in our groups.
In 'Letters and Sounds' this week we have been learning about words which rhyme and we made some very 'silly soup' ! The ingredients which we added to our soup all had to rhyme-for example cat and bat. Can you ask your child if they can remember any of the other ingredients that we put in our silly soup ? Perhaps you could talk to your child about words which rhyme.
In 'Maths' this week we have started to learn all about 'Numicon'. The children have been learning to recognise each different shape and which number it represents and we have been putting the Numicon shapes in order to 10.
We have also started doing 'Dough Disco' on 4 mornings a week. Each child has a little pot of playdough and we are learning to do different 'moves' with our hands to squeeze, roll, pinch and flatten the dough in time to music. This is lots of fun and helps to develop the muscles in our hands and fingers which will help the children to use scissors, paint brushes, pencils, and all tools. The children are very excited to get stronger muscles !
Over the next week we will be showing the children how to use our Woodland area. They will be learning how to put their puddlesuit or trousers on and also their wellies. Up on our Woodland area we have a large mudpie kitchen, a bird watching area, a large construction area and a swing. Please feel free to take your child's puddlesuit home from time to time to wash it !
Thank you very much to all the parents who have returned the reply slip about the information meeting next Wednesday 9th starting at 2pm in the Lower School Hall. We will be explaining all about how we teach children to read and how you can support them with all their learning at home too.
If you have offered to help on our Autumn Number Hunt next Thursday morning please meet us by the parent's gate near the Doctor's surgery at 9:30am and we will bring the children to meet you. The walk will be around the village, across the Common and we aim to be back at school at 10:30am. Please wear suitable footwear and make sure that your child has a coat with a hood in case of rain.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

weekly news 26th

This week in Reception we have enjoyed bringing in our favourite books from home and have shared lots with our classes already. The children have been brave, coming to the front of the class to talk about their favourite part of the story and why the like it. The teachers have then read the story to the class. We will continue to share these books next week so your child will still have time to bring one in if they haven’t yet. 
On Monday we played a pirate bingo game in Maths. The children showed us which numbers they could recognise up to 16 and enjoyed picking out pirate treasure from a chest to place over their numbers. 
We have been getting stuck into our Power of Reading story called Grendel: A cautionary Tale about Chocolate. This will be our focus story for the rest of the half term and we will be dipping in and out of it as we read a few pages at a time. So far we have found out that Grendel lives in a cave with his mum and he loves three things: his mum, his dog and chocolate! The children then shared the things they love and lots of children chose to draw pictures of these things on a heart which they then cut out themselves. We discussed what sort of character we think Grendel is when he snatches the chocolate off his mum and runs away to eat it. We recorded ideas on post it notes and are making a working wall of our learning. We have also had chocolate play dough out in our enhanced provision where the children have been creating their own chocolate worlds. 
On Wednesday the children enjoyed their second PE and Music sessions in the morning and in the afternoon, they had great fun using the bikes and scooters outside.  
This week we have also been learning to use our outside areas and lots of children have really enjoyed spending time in the different areas such as the Jurassic world, sand pit, builder’s area and exploring the cars with ramps.  
Please can all children have a rain coat in school every day and could we ask you to name your child’s lunch box on the outside so that the lunch time staff can help the children find their lunch boxes.  
You should have received your child’s login details for Education City and Active Learn. The school code for Active learn is 99kq. 
We will be leaving out green speech bubbles with a question on from time to time. Please can you spare a minute and write a comment on it with your child’s name and place it in the pot provided. 
Lots of the lovely learning we have been doing has been added to tapestry this week. Please take a look to see photos and observations of your child and add a ‘like’ or comment. 

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

weekly news 18th September

This week we have been continuing to teach the children how to use the inside of our learning environment. The children are doing really well with looking after all our equipment and finding out where to tidy it away at the end of each session. The children are enjoying having their own 'special place' where they sit on our class carpets.
The children have been finding out all about each other when we have been reading their 'All about me' books to their class. The children have been sitting at the front of their class on a special chair while it is their turn and telling us about all the things that make them special.
This week many of the children have been having their lunch at school and afterwards playing on our adventure playground. After lunch the children have 'E.R.I.C' time in their class 'everyone reads in class'. The children all choose a book from a basket and sit and carefully look through the book for a few moments. The children are settling really well into all these new routines !
Also this week all the children have been doing a special 'focus' activity which has been to draw a picture of themselves in their school clothes and to try to write their name on their picture. We have been encouraging the children to look really carefully in a mirror to notice the shape of their face and the colour of their eyes and hair and then to choose the correct crayons for their picture. We will be displaying these pictures on your child's special display board around their classroom so do please come and have a look at your child's picture.
We call Wednesdays 'Wonderful Wednesdays' in Reception because the children have a dance and music session in the morning which are always lots of fun !
From Monday 23rd September we would like your child to bring in a favourite book from home to show to their class. Please encourage your child to put their book in the basket/box by their teacher's chair. Each child will have a turn to show their book and to talk to their class about their favourite part of their book and to explain why they like it.
Please can you write your child's name in their book ?
From next Wednesday 25th September during the afternoon, we will be taking the children on the playground to use the school balance bikes and scooters so we would like to invite you to bring in a named helmet and leave it on your child's peg on a Wednesday. Please can you ensure that your child can put their helmet on and that it fits comfortably, we will of course assist the children with fastening/unfastening the clips.
Thank you very much to all the parents who have offered to help out in class.  This is a great help and enables us to put on lots of activities to further enrich the children's learning. Thank you also to all the parents who have helped out at lunch-time. Many of you have commented on the children's excellent behaviour and table manners !
Many of the children seem to be very tired in the afternoons and one or two have even nodded off to sleep ! Unfortunately at school we do not have anywhere for the children to have a nap, so please let us know if you can pick you child up at 11:45am especially at the end of the week if you find they are getting very tired or emotional during these early weeks of school. Thank you

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

weekly news 17th July

We have been enjoying our Aspirations week so far. We all looked brilliant on Monday dressed up showing what we would like to be when we grow up. Each morning we have been going into assembly and listening to different parents or governors telling us why they chose their particular career. Our visitors have been inspiring us by telling us all about what they do in their jobs and what training they had to do. Hopefully the children have been telling you all about it at home !
Adam and Emily Bidwell’s Mum came into class to tell us all about being a Science teacher. We found out about some of the equipment that she uses with her students and we explored some magnets, looked at a skeleton and a model of the human body. It was a very exciting morning !
It was great to see all the photos of the sunflowers that the children took home. We chose a winner in each class and they should have brought home a certificate and a small prize ! The tallest sunflower has reached an amazing 270cm so far ! Well done Elizabeth !
Thank you to all the parents who have already exported their child’s tapestry journal. Don’t forget to do this before the end of term next Wednesday in order to keep this wonderful record of your child’s learning journey so far.
At the end of this week your child will be bringing home a folder containing their ‘wow’ book and all the story scribes they have done over their reception year. It is so exciting to see the fantastic progress that all the children have made. They have all worked so hard this year and everyone who works with them comment on what well behaved and sensible children they are. It has been a pleasure to teach them this year !
At the end of the day on Friday, the children will also bring home their puddlesuits and P.E. kits and wellies. However, if you would like to take their puddlesuits and wellies before  Friday that would be fine. Please note we will need P.E. kits on Friday afternoon for the ‘Go 4 run’ on the common.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

weekly news 10th July

The children seem to have had a really good few days getting to know what it will be like to be in Year 1. The staff in Year 1 have all commented on how well the children have been coming into school and on their fantastic listening skills.
For the last 2 weeks of this academic year we would like the children to come into their classrooms independently and put all their belongings away by themselves. However, if you have an important message to pass onto the staff, please feel free to pop in to tell us.
We will be collecting all of your child's school books in over the next few days and also your child's tricky word tag. We will be putting a copy of the sounds and tricky words that your child was able to read when we last checked them into their book bag for your reference.
At the end of next week we will be sending home a large folder with your child's 'wow' book and the stories that they have written this year. These stories are a wonderful reminder of how hard the children have worked this year and what they have achieved !
We will be sending home a sunflower competition sheet for your child to add a photo of their sunflower with it's measurement if they would like to be entered into our sunflower competition. Apologies about the change from uploading a photo on Tapestry, as this will no longer be possible because the children's accounts are being closed. Thank you to all the parents who have already downloaded their child's journal. If you haven't already downloaded your child's journal, please note that you have until the end of term to keep this wonderful memory of your child' learning journey so far.
Next week is Aspirations week and your child may come to school dressed as what they would like to do when they grow up.